Experiencing Asia-Pacific Culture


2019 / January

Sanya Huang /photos courtesy of Chuang Kung-ju /tr. by Phil Newell

“Eko eado!” This motivational expression from the Nauruan language means “never give up.” It may be used as a warning in calamitous situ­ations, or in a positive sense as an expecta­tion of oneself. Asia-Pacific Culture Day, held on October 27 and 28 of 2018 in the concourse of Tai­pei Railway Station, was organized by the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with 18 foreign embassies and representative offices in Taiwan, and the local governments of seven Taiwanese cities and counties that have sister city or friendship agreements with localities in the partner countries of Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy. With a theme of “Together Sparkling in Asia-Pacific,” the event attracted over 100,000 visitors in two days.



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