Taiwanese Educators Ride India’s “Mandarin Wave”


2018 / 2月

文‧Cathy Teng 圖‧Chuang Kung-ju

“In the past, Indians were not keen on learning Chinese,” says Fang Tien-Sze,
once a diplomat stationed in India, now an assistant professor at National Tsing Hua University.
“But with China’s rise and the resulting needs in terms of trade and national security,
India has experienced a ‘Mandarin wave’ in recent years.”

“Taiwan rarely has a chance to play the role of ‘optimal solution provider’ on the international stage,” says journalist Yu Chih Wei, who left for India to earn a living at just 22.
“But teaching Chinese has become our big selling point.”

As Mandarin’s star has risen, neither Taiwanese citizens nor their government have failed to make their presence felt. This is not simply a chance to showcase Taiwan’s soft power; it is also an excellent opportunity for Taiwan and India to create a win‡win situation.

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