Tsai Erh-ping

Gardener of Dreams

2018 / 2月

文‧Tsai Erh-ping,millefiori porcelain,Koji ceramics,cut-and-paste ceramic art,Beigang 圖‧Jimmy Lin

It’s hard to define precisely what kind of creator Tsai Erh-ping is. He crosses the boundaries between ceramics, metalworking, painting, sculpture, and horti­culture. He is a sculptor, a gardener, and a jewelry designer. From the most exquisite and meticulous pieces of jewelry to the layout of a large-scale garden, he can make something wondrous out of nothing.

He started out on his career in New York, and he has a discerning creative code. He personally devised the technique for making “millefiori porcelain” combining ceramics with metalworking. Well-known figures from the worlds of business and politics, including Hillary Clinton and former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright, love his work, and in 1993 he was named an “American Outstanding Craft Artist.” Now in his 60s, he is at the height of his powers, but he no longer seeks success for his personal business, hoping instead to use his energy to repay the homeland that nurtured him.

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