Teresa Teng Forever


1995 / June

Ku Lin-hsiu /photos courtesy of courtesy of the Teng family /tr. by Phil Newell

On May 8, 43-year-old Teresa Teng died from a severe asthma attack while on a trip to Thailand. When the tragic news was released, it was as if an enormous boulder had been dumped into the lake of the global Chinese community, sending ripples in all directions. It was not only ordinary Chinese in Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Southeast Asia who were saddened by the incident and thought fondly of their many memories. The media devoted a tremendous amount of space to the story, and many groups bestowed posthumous honors and accolades on Ms. Teng. The staff at her record company in Japan wore black armbands for a week. Teresa's death was reported in the New York Times and Time magazine, and these journals described her enormous impact on fans of Chinese music.

Teresa Teng was popular in Chinese societies worldwide for three decades. Even though she has left us, for countless fans she will always be their "eternal sweetheart."

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