The Puzangalan Children’s Choir: Spreading Hope to the World


2017 / October

Liu Yingfeng /photos courtesy of Puzangalan Children's Choir /tr. by Phil Newell

The Pu­zanga­lan Children’s Choir, which comes from the extreme south of Taiwan, has this to say on their Facebook fan page: “In the Pai­wan language, pu­zanga­lan means ‘hope.’ The Pu­zanga­lan Children’s Choir, composed of Pai­wan children, is a group of youngsters who love singing, are willing to work hard, and who want a different future. They hope to use song to bring good wishes and happiness to everyone, and to bring hope for their own future.”

Nine years have passed, and under the leadership of executive director Tsai Yi-fang and conductor Muni Ta­kival­it, the choir members of various ages have used their heavenly musical voices to put into practice their own manifesto, standing on the international stage, confidently singing songs of hope from their native land before the whole world.


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