Chef Ah-Tong

A Life in Thai Cuisine

2018 / 2月

文‧Lee Shan Wei 圖‧Chuang Kung-ju

Chef Ah-Tong—as Ra­pee­porn Sil­lap­kit, executive chef of the Sukho­thai restaurant in the Sheraton Grand Tai­pei Hotel is known—has made it her mission to perpetuate the flavors of “Mama’s cooking.” Having first come to Taiwan 30 years ago, she has lived here for 16 years all told, and helped to stir up a craze for Thai food. Since first arriving, she has also spent ten years in Southeast Asia and mainland China—time apart that helped her understand that Taiwan is indeed the place she loves most. “Taiwan is so beautiful,” she says in fluent Mandarin, “and people here are so cute.” To primp for the day ahead, she always rises at dawn—appropriately enough, since Sukho­thai means “blissful dawn” in Thai. For Ah-Tong, Taiwan has long since stopped being a foreign land and instead become a place of enduring joy in her heart.


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