Bounty of the Seas


2018 / May

Esther Tseng /photos courtesy of Jimmy Lin /tr. by Phil Newell

In his poem “Do You Want to Be a Mermaid?” the poet Yu ­Kwang-­chung asks, “Do you know that the mountains are not as high as the sea is deep? / Do you know that the land is not as broad as the sea is wide? / Do you know the volume of the ocean’s magnan­imity? / Do you know the capacity of its forbearance? / Or what kinds of secret treasures are the Sea God’s riches?”

Though Taiwan covers less than 0.03% of the earth’s total land area, the seas around our island are home to one-tenth of the world’s fish species. Yet the sea is sounding a stark warning to Taiwan: Our marine resources are being exhausted, and habitats degraded. Only by action to conserve and protect our marine resources can this threat be averted.


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