Taiwan A To Z 輕鬆認識台灣


2015 / 4月


下載「Taiwan A to Z」英文電子書APP,點開字母「N」,一幅畫著台灣夜市攤販的插圖躍然浮現;另一幅風格可愛的創作,則有著台灣電音三太子熱情舞動的樣子……。3月,由外交部所發行的英文電子書「Taiwan A to Z」,成為海外新世代認識台灣文化,掌握社會脈動的最佳媒介。

3月17日,外交部針對國外年輕族群發表英文電子書「Taiwan A to Z」。透過一幅幅呈現台灣社會風情的可愛插圖,輔以一旁的英文單字,國外年輕朋友只要點開手機、平板電腦下載APP,認識台灣輕鬆又簡單。

外交部次長史亞平於發表會上表示,這部「Taiwan A to Z」英文電子書,是外交部首度從新世代角度設計的作品。對有意認識台灣的國外年輕朋友來說,現有的文宣介紹太過生硬嚴肅,因此嘗試由年輕人觀點出發,推出輕鬆、俏皮兼具本土文化的英文電子書。

此回由外交部發表「Taiwan A to Z」,內容是由全國40所高中450位學生及老師的參選作品中遴選出最能呈現台灣特色的文章、創作。內容共26個篇章以A到Z排序,主題畫風多元,包括「夜市」、「算命街」、「101大樓」、「電音三太子」等台灣在地文化都列入其中。






Taiwan A To Z

Liu Yingfeng /tr. by Max Barker

Download the Taiwan A to Z English e-book app and click on the letter “N”: an illustration of night-market vendors pops up, while a separate delightful image shows a “Techno Prince Ne­zha” performance troupe in the midst of their energetic dance routine. The e-book Taiwan A to Z, produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and released in March, has become one of the best means by which the younger generation overseas can learn about Taiwan’s society and culture and keep abreast of what’s going on here.

On March 17, the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) came out with an English-language e-book intended for youngsters living overseas, entitled Taiwan A to Z. Through its wonderful illustrations that show the many faces of Taiwan culture, each accompanied by an English vocabulary term, youngsters abroad can learn all about Taiwan in a fun and simple way, just by turning on their smartphones or tablet computers and downloading the app.

At a press conference to mark the release of the e-book, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Vanessa Shih stated that Taiwan A to Z is the first ever product designed by MOFA specifically from the point of view of the younger generation. For a young person in another land who wants to learn something about Taiwan, current introductory materials are rather formal and rigid. Therefore for this e-book, an effort was made to start out from the perspective of younger people, or, put more simply, to inject more merriment into learning about Taiwan’s down-home culture.

The content in Taiwan A to Z includes essays and creative works, selected from among submissions made by 450 students and teachers at 40 high schools around Taiwan, that best express our country’s unique characteristics. The content is organized alphabetically from A to Z, thus forming 26 natural chapters. The themes and drawing styles are diverse, and incorporate a rich variety of cultural phenomena that define Taiwan—from night markets to “fortune teller streets” to the Tai­pei 101 building to Techno Prince Ne­zha performance troupes, and much more.

Shih states that in this, its first ever e-book, MOFA is attempting to stretch a limited budget to achieve the widest possible impact. In addition to the current English edition, in the future MOFA will come out with versions in other languages, such as German, French, Spanish, and the languages of Southeast Asia, building more and more bridges that will help people around the world to better know Taiwan.

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