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Taiwan Panorama
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Taiwan Panorama / Copyright Authorization Statement
Copyright Authorization Statement

Taiwan Panorama Magazine Website
Copyright Authorization Statement

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1.Website Identification

Name: Taiwan Panorama website

Owner: Taiwan Panorama Magazine

For licensing information on use of all or any portion of the materials on this website, please contact the person below:

Contact Person: Duan Shu-hwa

Phone: (02)2392-2256 # 45

Fax: (02)2397-0655

No.2, Tianjin Street. Taipei 10051, Taiwan, ROC


2.Content licensing

The content published on this website, including but not limited to text descriptions, images, software programs, audio recordings, video, and other data is protected by copyright law.

All material contained on this website is protected by copyright law and may not be reproduced, broadcast, displayed, performed, transmitted, modified, or distributed in part or whole by any person without express permission. However, fair use in compliance with copyright law is not restricted.

The above information on website identity and copyright licensing are protected by relevant copyright laws. Without express consent, modification or omission by any person is forbidden.



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